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White Belt Goals

  • Learn to listen & pay attention

  • Learn not to talk during class

  • Follow instructions without comments

  • Be respectful to all students & instructors

  • NEVER argue with upper belts

  • Never refuse to try what you're told

  • Never quit trying - NEVER say I can't.

  • Learn beginning Korean language terms

  • Learn how and when to bow

  • Learn Basic forms 1 & 2

  • Learn Beginning 1-Step Sparring

  • Learn beginning of how to fall properly

  • Learn beginning basic stepping motions

Purple Belt Goals

  • Help maintain respect and class discipline

  • Help others learn respect

  • Help upper belts when you can

  • Learn Korean language for all forms

  • Learn how to count 1-10 in Korean

  • Learn Korean terms for beginning bow in  and out (class start & finish ceremony)

  • Learn Basic Form #3 and Pyung Ahn Cho Dan

  • Learn 1-Step Sparring throws and take downs

  • Learn how to fall better and safer

  • Develop effective free sparring techniques

  • Learn intermediate stepping motions

  • Start developing hand escape techniques

Green Belt Goals

  • Help maintain respect and class discipline

  • Help instructors in class drills

  • Learn Korean terms for all forms and motions

  • Learn Pyung Ahn Ee Dan & Sam Dan

  • Learn advanced 1-Step Sparring

  • Learn jumping, spinning & flying kicks

  • Become a good free sparring fighter

  • Learn advanced stepping motions

  • Develop breaking with flying techniques

  • Develop a positive attitude, understand the goal to reach  First Dan Level and what is expected

  • Improve and add new hand escapes

Red Belt Goals

  • Teach respect and class discipline

  • Lead bow-in ceremony

  • Teach Korean terms and theories

  • Learn Pyung ahn Sa Dan, Oh Dan and Bassai

  • Learn advanced 3-Step Sparring

  • Improve jumping, spinning & flying kicks

  • Become a competitive free sparring fighter

  • Learn ALL stepping motions

  • Develop breaking with punches, chops, kicks and flying techniques

  • Start looking at First Dan requirements

  • Volunteer to assist with teaching

  • Fine Tune ALL forms…more power

  • Be able to block any attaching technique

  • Know basic techniques for Modern Arnis

  • Know basic minor points for Kyusho Jitsu

Economy of Motion - Efficiency of Action

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