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Grand Master Jae Joon Kim

Grand Master Saul M Kim


Edan Martial Arts teaches Tang Soo Do.  Tang Soo Do is a Korean Style of Karate, founded by Grand Master Hwang Kee. It is considered to be one of the most effective combative styles of Karate. Grand Master Mike Mathews was a direct student of Grand Master Jae Joon Kim, Dan #38, and after his passing, his son, Grand Master Saul M. Kim.



We teach Modern Arnis to advanced students under the direction of Grand Master Bruce Chiu, of Arnis International.


Modern Arnis was founded by Professor Remy Presas. It explores the relationship between weapons and the empty hand. By learning the weapon first, the student has a better grasp of the principle of movement. Kinesthetic awareness is also increased due to the use of weapons. While training in Modern Arnis, students will see how this exciting art adds a new dimension to our Tang Soo Do studies and learn why Modern Arnis is called the art within the art.


We also teach to advanced students the art of Kyusho-jitsu under the direction of Grand Master David Hogan, of Hogan Karate International.


Kyusho-jitsu is the art of attacking pressure points, or the vital points of the body. Understanding and using the body's pressure points allows the Martial Artist to be more effective and efficient.


Grand Master Mike Mathews


Grand Master Bruce Chiu, Founder Arnis International

Grand Master David Hogan, Hogan Karate International

Grand Master Jack Hogan, Founder Hogan Karate International

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